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28.7.2022 Month in Tenerife So I moved to Tenerife Yes, my time in Fuerteventura was unforgettable, but it’s time to move. Why Tenerife? Because it was my first plan before Fuerteventura. I ended up alone in the Canary islands, so let’s enjoy it. The problem was that I still don’t have my NIE and Social […]


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30.5.2022 Month in Fuerteventura Don’t be fooled by the first impression! Okay, to be honest. When I got first to Fuerteventura, my first thought was “Where am I?”, “Is this Mars?”. It’s maybe because I didn’t look up much about this island before I headed there. So yes, it may be a little dried, but […]

Let’s go on an Adventure !

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30.5.2022 Let’s go on an Adventure. Curious about what is out there, who am I? What do I want? Why do I feel empty? What is it like depends just on your own? Every day is different but still looks the same to me. Wondering, how can I get what I want in my life? […]