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Month in Fuerteventura

Don't be fooled by the first impression!

Okay, to be honest. When I got first to Fuerteventura, my first thought was “Where am I?”, “Is this Mars?”. It’s maybe because I didn’t look up much about this island before I headed there. So yes, it may be a little dried, but you can expect a lot of wind. So maybe you can have also the feeling that you are on Sahara because of the look of this island but not because of its weather. 

Why should you rent a car?

This part is not a “must-have”, it’s just a good recommendation. Due to pretty cheap rentals. (This is not sponsorship or anything like that) Autoreisen has the best prices. We had a car for the whole month and we paid 450 euros with insurance included. So there was nothing to complain about. 

With the car, you can explore the whole island. Fuerteventura is not too big, so it will not a big deal. from north to south it’s around 200km. What you can expect there too, is cheap fuel. There are some rules, that for tourists it’s a little bit more expensive than for residents, but if you blink and smile on employe, I think you will get that discount as we did. 

I don’t know about busses whereas we had a car, but I think you should not have any problems. 

Some interesting places to visit

Ajuy – a small village on the west coast. In this village, you can find Caleta Negra (Black bay) with black sand. There is also a walk on the cliff, where you can see chipmunks and breathtaking views during sunset. 



Betancuria – this place is a cultural centrum of Fuerteventura. Just a road there is beautiful for its location behind the mountains. So you will have to drive up, where you will have an impressive view of Fuerteventura. In Betancuria you can find whitewashed houses and the Museum of Sacred Arts.

Corralejo – well-known city Corralejo is where all life on this island gathers together. It’s the most touristic part of the island and that means you can find there lot of stores and restaurants. This city is very good for nightlife. 



+ before you get to Corralejo, you should go and see Sand Dunes a few km before Corralejo. These dunes are made from Sahara sand which the wind brings all the way from Morocco.



Morro Jable – due to some reviews and photos I saw, this place should be worth visiting. But we never managed to get there, so I have no experience with this place. But I am sure I will get back there one day to see that place. 

El Cotillo – if you love to surf or would like to see other surfers, this is the place you want to go. Little Town on the west coast with sandy beaches and great waves for beginners and intermediate surfers. Even if you are not interested in surfing this place is good to take a walk. The most magical time in this place is when the sun is going down.  If you want to go there, be careful with your car because there is only an off-road way.

Why visit Fuerteventura ?

During my time on this island, I spent most of my time working on my stuff and sitting in front of the computer. but the few days I spent exploring this Island and meeting a lot of interesting and good people were enough to say that this island is worth visiting. You can find here beautiful sandy beaches, big cliffs, nightclubs, etc.

Depending on what you looking for this island can offer you rest and chill as well as nightlife and adventures. So pack your thing and go make some memories ! 


If you want to work in Fuerteventura

Working in Fuerteventura for foreigns is not much difficult. If you are from the EU, you just need to ask for your NIE number. When you get one, you are on a good way to finding a job in Spain including the Canary and Balearic Islands. 

On the other hand, if you are a digital nomad, sure Fuerteventura is a good place to spend some time, chill, and have some fun, however, be careful with the internet connection. It’s not as bad as it sounds, but you can find a lot of places where you will have no signal, or the wifi will have some issues during the day. 



One of the goods about the Canary Islands is, that you can take a ferry. With a ferry, you can get to every island. With the plane, it can be quicker and a little bit cheaper, but it depends on a few things. 

But near the Fuerteventura is an island called Isla de Lobos and then you can see a little bit further Lanzarote. Take a ferry to Lanzarote is about 30-50 eur. Depends on how old are you, how are you traveling, and if you are a resident or not. 

I took a Ferry from Puerto del Rosario to Santa Cruz de Tenerife for 63 eur. Sure this trip lasts 12:30 hours. But that time ran fast and I had a nice time on the Atlantic Ocean + the view when you are arriving at the port is awesome. 

I recommend this company where you can look up any connections throughout the islands. DirectFerries

Thank you that you have read my blog!

The next blog post will be about my stay in Tenerife