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Month in Tenerife

So I moved to Tenerife

Yes, my time in Fuerteventura was unforgettable, but it’s time to move. Why Tenerife? Because it was my first plan before Fuerteventura. I ended up alone in the Canary islands, so let’s enjoy it. The problem was that I still don’t have my NIE and Social Security numbers, which means I cannot work here and I am running out of my last money. 

What am I going to do? 

Let’s take a look at how it works in Tenerife and what happened to me. 

First of firsts

Tenerife is an amazing place, and even on your own, you can have a big adventure time there. During my time there I divided Tenerife into these parts:

South (where I was staying in Arona) Good for parties and if you looking for a job as a waitress or cook, etc. Not gonna lie, you can find many guys there asking you if you smoke weed and they will take you to the real coffee shop, so don’t be afraid. Beaches are good to chill, and you have everything by hand. You can find here also big mountains and cliffs such as Los Gigantes.

East I didn’t explore much this part. Charco de Golete is the only place I have visited there, but it was worth it. However, all this part of the island looks too dry for me, so I was looking for some other places. 

And here it comes: North this part is cool, not too many tourists and you have trees there and more livable weather so if you are not much on every day sunbathing, definitely go to the north. 

Even better and I consider this part the best, is the West especially the middle west of course. Here I could find everything. A green country with beautiful mountains, Beautiful beaches such as Bollullo or the “secret” beach Playa Los Patos. Everything there is a bit cheaper than in the South, but also in the North. 


Tenerife by Bus

This time I had no money to rent a car. However, buses there are really cheap. Or you can buy a one-day ticket via app for 10eur. 

Using Apple Maps I was able to get by bus anywhere. So you won’t get lost. During my stay it was mandatory to wear a facemask on the bus, everywhere else it’s okay.

Here you can click on the image and it will redirect you to the titsa, which is a bus company in Tenerife.

Why did I leave and went home?

As I mentioned earlier. I was not able to get a job here. I finally got my NIE and SSN but finding a good job there is not easy. I mean you can get a job as waiter/waitress, but for 40eur/day. I decided to go back home for a while and work on my own things. If everything goes well I will be able to move back to Tenerife in a few months. 

Thank you that you have read my blog!

The next blog post will be about: What now?